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Beef Flavored Seitan jen Edit Delete Really good seitan for stews
Boeuf Bourguignon Administrator Edit Delete This is the version from the first episode of "The French Chef". It is different than the one in the book "Mastering the Art of French Cooking" published two years earlier. It isn't really simplified for TV so I'm assuming she considered it an improvement over the book version. Only the book version has been copied onto the recipe websites that I looked at.
Braised Eye Round Steak (President Ford's) Administrator Edit Delete I generally start with 1lb of Eye Round steak (3 steaks). You can double/triple that without changing the amount of sauce. Original recipe was for 3lbs of eye round steak.
Irish Beef Stew Administrator Edit Delete Same recipe with Beef, Beer, and Worcestershire
Sauerbraten Administrator Edit Delete German. Needs to marinade for 3 days
Snickerdoodles Juliana Smith Edit Delete Makes 84 cookies. 52 calories per cookie.
Stifado Administrator Edit Delete
Sweet Potato Curry with Tofu Administrator Edit Delete Packed with vitamins and fiber, super sweet potatoes make a vibrant base for this easy, family-pleasing curry. If you can find them, choose the extra-sweet jewel variety of sweet potatoes (they may be called
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